Kolin Bikram Rana, the CEO of the first ever rap battle league Raw Barz, founder of Exclusive Entertainment and Nepali Hip-hop revivalist,  recently sat in the interview for DATFashion.

  • His story and childhood.

Mr. Rana had a simple childhood. He was first introduced to hip-hop during his high school by his cousin, who gifted him the CD of hip-hop music. He first started to learn rap by imitating Eminem, Dr. Dre, old school rappers and others, as he grew up listening to them, and then slowly started to write poem, which later changed into rap lyrics. He completed his diploma in Bachelor in Social Work from St.Xaviers College where he got a chance to organize social events. The love of rap eventually got him into establishing the Exclusive Entertainment along with friends. The main purpose of the company were to promote hip-hop artist in Nepal since there was no platform and exposure to Nepali rappers.

  • Who was his inspiration?

He was inspired by the Nepali hip-hop artists of the time like Nirnaya, Nepsydaz. They helped him to get a start with Nep-hop. In 2007, he was featured in the song, "Ma nepali” by Nirnaya.

  • What is Raw Barz?

Mr. Rana says that Rap is all about poetry and the poetic lines represent "Bar" in rap. Instant lines are created during rap battle which are raw, thus the name “Raw Barz” was created. Raw Barz is the first rap battle league to organize the rap battle in Nepal. It is now in its 4th season to present this year. The 1st season participants "Laure" and "Unik Poet" brought up the Raw Barz into hype through social Medias.

  • What does he think about current status of Nep-Hop?

In context of Nepal Raw Barz and hip-hop are taken as synonym, which complements each other. Along with the exposure of Nepali hip-hop artist, it also gives them the platform for an international involvement. Nepali rappers don’t have to depend only on foreign agencies. Mr. Rana said, “Initially Nepal was known for ‘Lok dohori’ but now it is also popular with Raw Barz.” Rappers were only limited in their computer screens but now they have a chance to explore themselves through the company. Now a days it’s almost compulsory to include hip-hop music in any program and events. Rappers are getting offers for international shows to showcase their talent, which is a good flow for the Nep-hop.

  • The current status of Raw Barz?

Recently, Raw Barz has extended its franchise to the USA. After expanding the franchise to Australia and the UK, the first Raw Barz USA season 1 is going to be held with the involvement of Nepali rappers who will be battling in both Nepali and English. The judges for the show are set to be among the famous Hollywood rappers. Along with USA, Raw Barz season 4 is planned to be broadcasted through TV channel in Nepal. Mr. Rana informed us about his plan to work out his project of Raw Barz in India very soon.

  • How does he describe his personal style?

He likes to dress up simple formal wears, which contradict with his occupation.. Necessity in the comfort zone can be far better than following fashion to rely on the personal style.

  • What are his hobbies?

Mr. Rana describes himself as a workaholic person. He rarely finds himself with leisure time. So, he has found twining between his work and his friends’ circle, which make him hard to find any hobbies.

  • His suggestions to the struggling, upcoming hip-hop artist in Nepal.

Mr.Rana believes in giving hundred percent to the work we do. Anything without effort is useless. There are many rappers in Raw Barz but only few of them are popular. It is only because they put the effort to their work. He further says," Raw Barz only gives the platform, what you do with the opportunity is up to you". No rapper should come up with the idea of being popular, but rather the change. Raw Barz runs with the slogan, "Raw Barz: the movement". If you can't be the change its worthless joining any movement.

We found Mr.Rana as a very fun loving and humble personality. We wish him best of luck for his song going to be released after a long hiatus very soon and more success of Raw Barz from the whole DATS Fashion team.

Reporter/Interviewer: Sanju Shrestha

Photographer: Gozz Shakya


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