A Trans Model to Politics: Bhumika Shrestha

A proud member of Blue Diamond Society, with an assertive personality we present you Bhumika Shrestha who won Miss Pink 2007 and now is a Politician.

Bhumika takes fashion not in a particular way but to change yourself, from your hairstyle to make up according to the demand of time. Nowadays, society is deemed to take anything new as fashion but she also prefers to include tidy-ness and matching attire to go along with it.

Being a transgender, it is rare to find her involved in different profession but Bhumika says, "Inspite of being transgender and being a celebrity at that it’s difficult but it’s all about time management and how you carry yourself".

She has been involved in Nepali Industry as an actress, a model a female activist and a spoke person along with politically active member of Nepali Congress. Though, we can find her name joined in various sector, she loves to give her prominent time in social work and fight for the rights of transgender people.

Bhumika initially began her journey being involved in social work fighting for the rights of trans people where, she was also slowly being recognized as a beauty among her people. It led her to take part in renowned pageant Miss Pink 2007. She was declared winner, which came along with name fame and position.

After winning the title she was offered different opportunities for modeling, photo shoots and movies. Being a generous person and being offered a rare opportunity to appear among people representing transgender she occupied herself in Nepalese Entertainment Industry as a model and actress. Bhumika says," I did not find myself capable for the role but, situation and environment taught me".

Being the former Miss Pink 2007; she has found many changes in herself. She finds herself bolder, sexier and smarter than she was and forward in terms of communicating and tackling with people. She realizes that she has been socially followed in huge amount than before, where she was only known as a social activist and a beginner at glamour field.

To dress herself, she chooses a casual attire but she loves to carry herself in sari. Bhumika loves to wear body cone dresses. She does not feel comfortable in wearing loose due to her slim body structure which tends to make her look un-proportional in baggy clothes.

Being the celebrity herself, she prefers the style of Bollywood actresses such as Dipika Padukon, Priyanka Chopra, Kangna Renaot and Sonam Kapoor where she seeks her inspiration for dresses and makeup personally. Bhumika loves to bring changes in her hairstyle frequently. She may look like a softy but she loves edgy looks. Bhumika further confesses her wish to experience being dolled up as Priyanka Chopra and maintain herself as she does.

Inspite of being a foody person Bhumika says she does not gain much weight due to her high metabolism which helps her to keep the slim figure intact without any exercise and extra workout. She loves to spend a good amount of time while doing her make up and does not love to rush herself while choosing her attire for the day.

Bhumika says,"I love summer because I get to wear sexy dresses",while mentioning that she hates winter late night parties. She loves socializing with people and making new friends along with travelling. Bhumika would much more prefer to have a typical Nepali food set of "Daal Bhaat" rather than other fancy cuisines.

"Fashion of Kathmandu depends on culture. We need to understand fashion to follow it", quotes Bhumika.

Reporter/Writer: Sanju Shrestha

Photographer: Gozz Shakya & Dibesh Shrestha



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